Published Articles (in no particular order): 

Voices PostsNational Geographic. October 2016 - June 2017. 

One Story or AnotherUnder the WISER Tree Blog. September 2015. 

What's in a Slum? Telling the Story: Professor Krishna and Grady LenkinHart Leadership Program. February 2015. 

A Death in ArgentinaDuke Political Review. May 2015.  

Africa Check’s Julian Rademeyer: A Career of DiggingDuke Reporters' Lab. May 2015. 

Deficit Pushes Morocco to Cut Subsidies. Al Jazeera. May 2014. 

Telling the Story: Professor Kristin Goss. Hart Leadership Program. December 2014. 

Telling the Story: Professor Kate WhettenHart Leadership Program. November 2014. 

Telling the Story: Katie Higgins Hood. Hart Leadership Program. October 2014. 

A Territory in LimboDuke Political Review. April 2014. 

The Timeless SaharaPassport Magazine. April 2014.